Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So I am going to try posting much more often now!! Cause I need to keep you guys updated on my life even though you are not alowed to know some things (like where I live, my real name and stuff like that)

So me and my sister Milisande play Puzzle Pirates (Or I did..) but then I got stalked by this guy who was living in the same estate as me (It was the crew estate and he was really creepy!) and so I tried keeping it from my parents cause I loved the puzzles on the game so much but in the end I deleted everything my characters, dog, house even my awsome trinkets and went fully into Facebook game mode.

I know that some of the games on facebook are annoying (Farmville and stuff like that anything with Ville on the end usually is really annoying) but the Ville trademark brought out Castleville

which I have to say is pretty cool! And Pet society is awsome also the good things about the Facebook Games is your playing with your friends so you dont get creepers..(Unless your friends are creepers) and you know who you are playing with I mean you can never trust people on the internet who say they are thirteen chances are you are playing with the thirty year old man...*Shudder*...So that is why I am no longer playing Puzzle Pirates at the moment.

I will be playing with my sister Milisande at one point but for now I am just gone from the face of the earth on that game and am going to concentrate on the more important things such as Family, Friends, God and school..wait God should be first! sorry God I didnt mean any offense.

But yeah I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support and following me even when I am neglecting blogger and not posting xD.



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