Thursday, July 5, 2012


After a very (very very very..VERY) long time away I am back here in the blogging world. So I hope that you guys will accept my apologies for not being on, life has been hectic...Well....that's a bit true, but it also isn't at the same time; I could have found time from checking my email and my facebook to post but lately I have just been lazy.

     I can't say what has been happening in my life lately in detail, all I can say is that it has been hard on my whole family (well...The baby does not look that upset). Did I mention on December 2nd I became a Auntie? Yes that's right my eldest sister gave birth to a healthy 4 pound baby (barely four pounds) and now that baby after months of growing is now about 23-24 pounds (she's a big girl), I am heading out with my elder sister and my niece to a wedding today.

I don't actually personally know this person whose wedding it is, all I know is that Miriam (Look I made up a name for a sister) wanted mum to take care of Miss Patty Prada (I am so witty! that's not my niece's name trust me if it was I would have broken out a bunch of jokes) but mum didn't want to and had a bunch of stuff so the responsibility went to me...AND I LOVE IT!!

I also got a new dog, his name is Bert or Todd Bertuzzi he likes Bert better.

Sooo....Thats what has been happening with my life a quite synopsis I guess you could say, (Did I mention I lost weight this isn't a bad thing this is a great thing because I feel so much better!) wait...That's not really true I forgot to mention I am low blood pressure and that is what has been making me feel horrible, YAY I MENTIONED IT! Okay I should probably eat something before I fall over.

As always remain with life and take those lemons like a ...person?


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