Thursday, September 27, 2012

Long time no see!

Hi guys,
So I am back from my long sleep with allot of news about what has been happening with me, where to start? I mean I haven't been posting in months (my most sincere apologies!) well I guess I an start with the my new natural path.

So if you guys have read a few of my later posts I am not as healthy as I really should be, and have been feeling really over tired something that really a fifteen year old should not be having problems with (don't say that its because I am a teenager its not there is something truly wrong going on with my system) keeping active.
    My mom a couple months ago decided to take me to see the natural path, first visit was okay didn't really see anything come up, (except a bladder infection I have been battling since lord knows when and really no one bothered to tell me!) and then we came back after getting genetically tested for celiac, my mom didn't have anything except a sensitivity to wheat which she can overcome but me...Oh boy I was hoping it wouldn't happen but there it is I have pre-celiac and if I eat grains I have a higher chance of developing the full blown version..

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