Sunday, November 4, 2012

Convesations with characters.

Now, I think I am one of the only people I know who does this: I talk to the character of my books, and I can see them so vividly that sometimes they seem like real people.

Take Agent Green for example, tall woman always wearing a pinstriped suit of dark greens and greys, brief case, black hair tied in a bun, light green eyes, dark skin and a smiling mouth, whenever people read about her they think she's horrible! I mean taking children to be tested on is pretty bad but she didn't start out that way.

"ehem"-Agent Green.

The other characters sit down and look up at the podium that she stands upon, nervously she tugs at the bottom of her suit jacket and runs a hand over her head before beginning.

"Hello my name is Kayla Rachel Green mostly known as Agent Green" she says, staring each of the characters down.

"Hello Kayla" murmurs a couple of the people in the crowd.

"it has been three weeks since I have started my job and already we have had twenty-five deaths, fourteen accidents and fifty-nine malfunctions of the gateway, I do not understand why they chose me but then again I follow orders without question."

Rothbert raises his hand.

"Yes Mr. Rothbert?" Agent Green inquires.

"How can you go about taking these children? I mean twenty-five deaths? these poor kids had a future before the system took them in, but now you are just using them as guinea pigs" Rothbert say's,

A few of the other people nod their heads in agreement.

"Ah, a good point Mr. Rothbert but you see I am not responsible for the children once they are in the system, all of the children chosen have the same genetic anomaly that makes it possible for them to get in and out of the gateway safely"

Helen raises her hand.


"I would just like to say, that it was not my choice to go it was yours, you took us away from our family's you took me away from Lily!" Helen paused tears in her eyes "My mum and dad...Everyone that mattered to me! Does that not even make you feel sorry of what you have done to me?.... to Echo?....My team did everything that you asked of us and what happens? you let the gateway malfunction! Leaving us in the 16'th century, yes we were trained for malfunctions but still, just because you think you erased our memory's does not mean we do not remember shadows of our pasts"

Agent Green gets down from the Podium and looks around her, the room of my book characters has turned into every single child she had to take from there parents to survive, they all look at her tears running down there faces for the loved ones that they had to leave behind against there own will, and suddenly she realizes it her life was not worth the two hundred and thirty children that were taken....

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